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an immersive exhibition exploring the cyclical rhythm of nostalgia and grief

independently curated by Charleston based artists Bri Wenke, Morgan East, and Sam Rueter.

grief comes in waves  


stifles the breath

fills the head with mysterious grey


just the word alone

as if something unknown, too heavy

to be avoided at all costs 


but grief is the shapeless force 

that spills into every space, every void

guiding us forward on this cyclical wave called life


to fight it, to distract from it

is to prolong + overflow, holding up like a levee  


and we know what happens 

when a levee ultimately breaks


production: TTS Studios
venue: Silver Hill Studios
lighting: Charleston Technical Event Company

visuals: Lazer Catcher

sound: Preston Dunnavant 

photography: Chad Savage, Luke Higgs

videography: Matthew Weathersby

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