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This is a limited edition giclee reproduction on canvas.




The canvas surface is hand texturized by Bri with palette knife and acrylic glazing medium, to mimic the sculptural feel of the original.  No two giclees are the same.

The piece is framed in a modern silver floater, signed & dated by Bri.


Please allow 2 weeks for all the layers to dry before shipping from Bri's studio in Charleston, SC.


The thoughts behind "Woman and Reckoning (WAR)" :


Since the dawn of time, or at least since the the beginning of modern history, woman have played a peculiar role, one fueled almost exclusively by fiction.  This is a powerful and terrifyingly influential story that declares women responsible for the downfall of man. Genesis 3:6 is this reference on the page that she is holding.


Although it's worth calling out one of the most damaging fallacies in religious storytelling, I want the conversation the carry much further than that.


Stories can mark the fate of a demographic.  


We consume and perpetuate subliminal stories and narratives every day, some are fictions mistaken for truths, some hold immense power over our choices and abilities to connect with one another. 


We're chronically disconnected from ourselves, possibly the biggest tragedy of all.


As history has demonstrated time and time again, those who are made victim to a story must stand much taller and stronger, to tip the scales enough to gain the basic attention of those who are unaffected.


I feel angry.  I feel angry that I've made painful attempts to organize my life thus far around certain stories that dictate what my role should be as a woman in this world.

I am angry as I watch other women do it too.  I am angry that there is an entire experience here that is constantly dealing with immense pushback from a power that is claiming to protect us.

But anger can be very useful, and this type of anger has been building for milleniums.



Woman and Reckoning, WAR Giclee

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