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Original 60x40" acrylic + charcoal on canvas.

Varnished, signed by Bri, ready to hang, unframed.



we learn young

we learn that whiteness is a step ahead 
but tan skin is sexier

that western symmetry and beauty reigns supreme
but a touch of ‘otherness’ is more interesting

we must have curves and volume
but cannot dare to gain weight

we strive tirelessly and financially to appear ‘natural’
but cannot risk falling behind as we age, for youth is of direct correlation to value

we learn young

we lean into our masculine for survival, 
but must simultaneously maintain the delicacy and vulnerability of the feminine

we are selfish if we choose ourselves, 
and often without self if we choose a family 

to be a woman is to embody the opposites, to make the impossible possible
to carry on as a walking contradiction

existing and striving to find a home somewhere between two beasts



*PLEASE NOTE:  Collectors may receive an additional invoice based on shipping location/size of the work.*


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