I'm searching for a form of integrity.

A synchronicity between color, truth in form, and unapologetic confidence behind the strokes of my palette knife.

I've been teaching myself to paint.  Most diligently since I took the full-time creative plunge in 2015, with full respect to the universal guideline that you must learn the rules first before you can effectively break them. 

A trained artist friend once told me that I must paint first, decide "why" later.  Never the other way around, in which you wrap your brain all around it and then try to tangibly place it on canvas.  There's subject matter, and then there's application. With patience, and a focus channeled by reading and writing, I feel I have at last settled into the latter.  This heavy paint technique, traditionally referred to as impasto, has developed organically, with a few nods to fearless contemporaries such as Justin Gaffrey and Salman Koshroo.

Glancing around my studio, the paint bootprints all over the floor, the globs of raised paint dried on every single surface, the scribbled notes on the wall, its pretty clear to me that whatever I need to say, I don't wish to be delicate.  I aim to be bold and deliberate, unwavering in my approach.  The majority of my life I have felt the need to put this impulsive tendency away, out of sight.  As both an individual and an artist, I am beginning to understand that I can embrace this, that it isn't defined by a gender, it's defined by me.


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photo credit Kat Gorbanov