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#CovidHearts for Healthcare Workers

I watch the news, I see the battles of Coronavirus wage from city to city, and I want to do something.

But I'm a painter, tucked safely away in my studio in Folly Beach, SC.

So I am creating paintings.

I am creating a special #CovidHeart series of 19 original palette knife paintings for the people on the frontline of the COVID19 pandemic. It's a tiny little 'thank you' gesture, it's something, to let someone know they're acknowledged, deeply appreciated, and seen.

To all the nurses, ER workers, doctors, every warrior on the frontline right now,




The 19 heart receipients have been selected by random drawing.

One thing is for sure: there are a lot of loved people on the frontline of Healthcare right now.

No further submissions are needed at this time.

Thank you for helping me find these folks.

You can still purchase a heart for someone.



If you know a nurse, doctor, ER worker, etc, who you think might appreciate one of these bizarre but extremely heartfelt limited edition paintings, please let me know ASAP!

Let each painting mark this strange historical time we're seeing AND always serve as a bold visual reminder of how much they are appreciated.

Let these hearts stand as a symbol of strength, endurance, and unwavering compassion.

email with the following information:

  • NAME + PROFESSION of the healthcare worker

  • WHERE they work, city, state, hospital, etc

  • their EMAIL + INSTAGRAM, if available!

  • their SHIPPING ADDRESS if you have it, especially if you want to surprise them!

  • any other special details about this person you can include!

I will be sure to add you in the message for referring them to me for a #CovidHeart.

I'd love to ship each one to a different state if I could!

If this goes SO WELL that I have way more than 19 submissions, I will do an actual drawing to choose the 19 Healthcare Workers who will receive a #CovidHeart.


A lot of us can't be with our loved ones right now. Whether they're sick, elderly, or living a few states away. We can't be together right now. Which might be the scariest part of all.

You can send them a heart, though.

After I send out the first 19 #CovidHearts as gifts to 19 Healthcare workers across the U.S, I'm taking on more hearts, each one made to order.

20% of each heart sold is going directly to Together We Rise, a non-profit I chose that is dedicated to supporting youth in foster care, especially during this epidemic.

Other non-profits you can donate to directly during this time are Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, and The Red Cross has a blood shortage right now and needs blood donors.


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