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Exxpedition Round the World

***UPDATE** The April 2020 voyage has been postponed to April 2021 so that we can sail safely in seasonal conditions. BUT IT'S STILL ON!!!***

EXXPEDITION is a series of all women's voyages to make the unseen seen, from the toxics in our bodies to the plastics in our seas.

*There is an incredible documentary you can watch at the bottom of the homepage at

I came across this unbelievable project, Exxpedition Round the World, on a travel blog, completely out of the blue one day, in which all-female crews of scientists, artists, teachers, etc would be sailing around the world, conducting plastic research and coming up with innovative solutions to tackle the daunting issue. Yes, I read that right, they were looking for ARTISTS?!

I sent in the written application, didn't dream of actually being contacted back. But after an extensive series of interviews, and careful curation by the team at Exxpedition, I have been placed on Exxpedition Round the World Leg 10: Cook Islands to Tonga.

It's really happening guys.

Over 10,000 women applied, 300 were chosen to participate on these voyages,

the first once launches from Plymouth, UK on October 8th!

I, of course, found this whole project fascinating because not only would I have the opportunity to search for a way for art to matter on such a large-scale topic, but I would be surrounded by a team of capable, driven women, and get to make a heightened sort of bond with them out in the middle of the ocean, all in the name of researching to attempt to mend our own mistakes as a species, in hopes of a better world.

Powerful stuff.


Art and science have a unique marriage when it comes to the natural world. Historically speaking, artists and scientists have come together on incredible excursions to study and document undiscovered parts of the world. I believe this is my chance to embark on such a mission, alongside scientists and women from different walks of life. The combination of different backgrounds and minds makes for a remarkable prospect of innovative solutions to the colossal issue of pollution and plastics in our water, therefore in our bodies.

I intend to come back from this excursion and create, based on my experiences and newly acquired knowledge. Exactly what shape this project or exhibition will take, I cannot say quite yet. But I do know that art can have the power to change minds. And changed minds can change the world. I've watched contemporary artists such as Zaria Foreman and Shepard Fairey succeed in this, just to name a few.


NOW is the part where I figure out how to raise the 4000 GBP, which covers the 8 days at sea including research costs, etc, plus the airfare and travel expenses I will need to get myself to the South Pacific.

Immediately I decided I would run a second #100dayproject, launching on August 1st, and recruit the support of my bad ass art collectors, in which they could choose to support this mission, AND get an original piece of art. A win-win for everyone.

The #100dayproject is an online accountability project, where a creator publicly announces that they will create something every day for 100 days, consistently, as a steady practice, or dedication to their craft, whether it's writing a cookbook, or creating music, or paintings, etc. I have found this an immensely helpful practice in the past, so committing to another one, in the name of Exxpedition, felt like an obvious choice.

My chosen hashtag for this project will be #100DaysForExxpedition, and I will post a new 6x6" original palette knife painting each day on instagram @waterbybri. Each painting will be for sale at 9am, every day for 100 days, at

By purchasing one of these 6x6" original paintings, you will be directly supporting my mission to conduct plastics research with Exxpedition, and help find lasting solutions to the daunting issue.



Check out the application process here:

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