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ART.IFICIAL Creativity

“We have a strong notion that with the rise of AI, creativity is all that’s left.” -Bryan Bartlett, of Gum Gum Inc

I was completely floored to be asked to contribute to this published research project, in which myself and a handful of artists from all over were given the same guidelines to each create a work of art: inspiration/references by a collection of 20th century Abstract Expressionists & one set color palette. One of these artists, however, was a robot.

This project demonstrated just how close artificial intelligence can come to the human creative process. As fascinating as the final outcome is, I can’t help but feel a bit of that “low-grade panic” in terms of what it could mean to develop artificial intelligence to its maximum potential. Creativity, after all, might be the most valuable human condition/skill in our near future, unless of course, AI is able to develop that too... Pindar Van, the engineer behind the robot painter, entered the data and produced a piece, under the same guidelines as the rest of us, that to me looks more human than most of the other final pieces!


“This project touches on this underlying fear of mine- that technology will ultimately leave no room for us to simply be human. The process of painting taps into something primal, something most people let lie dormant for most of their lives. My main goal as an artist is to work through the mental restrictions we develop as humans. A robot doesn’t struggle with self-doubt, or a lifetime of experiences to work through,” - a few of my thoughts that arose throughout the process.

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