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Tangible Tides: Documenting the Senses

It's been a very eventful 2 years. I quit my non-art-related jobs in 2015 and dove headfirst into the wide unknown of a creative life.

I began painting and drawing all sorts of subjects, with all sorts of styles, constantly exploring. A more definitive style has begun to emerge this year, heavily textured acrylics on wood panels, mainly ones that I build myself with birch, maple, and scrap framing wood. Now that I've been painting in more dimensions, primarily with palette knives, I can't go any other way than forward.

"Tangible Tides" is my current series in which the threads of consistency are palette knife, rich texture, and hues exaggerated from around my home on the salt marshes and open ocean in Folly Beach, SC. With a strong sculptural focus, I hope they give the viewer a sensory experience that goes beyond just visual.

I want you to smell the salt and feel the movement of the air.

I want you to look a bit differently at the ocean, marshes, or whatever landscapes surround you, and pull out the colors that are hard to see at first, but they're there if you take that time to notice.

With these landscapes, I've moved a bit farther away from literal representation in order to tap into emotive elements of color stimulation and enhanced tangibility. For me, these things are the fabric of sensual memory. This is my method of documentation. See the series here.

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