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Mutant Beer Hops!! Mural for Fam's Brewpub

Every artist has a concept that they've had cooking for a while, usually multiple who am I kidding... not all of us get the chance to execute exactly as they want for a client! Thanks to the new local Famulari's Pizzeria & Brewpub in Charleston, I was given that exact chance.

Four handmade 8x4' cradled maple panels make up this monstrosity, and one of the Famulari's brothers and I installed her beautifully. Heavily textured, with layers upon layer upon layers of acrylics and mediums, you can imagine how many gallons I went through. Primarily painted with a palette knife and fingers! I haven't yet found a better way to achieve the sculpture and texture I'm after.

The ocean foam, the smashing beer bottles against the pilings, the giant mutant beers hops, I want them to come at you with a punch! Can't thank those guys enough for humoring my idea and giving me full control to run with it. Can't think of greater creative support than that.

Go check this thing out in person if you get the chance! Pizza is spot on, and so are the originally crafted brews.

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