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3rd Block Warriors

The wife of one of the original Veterans with the Warrior Surf Foundation reached out to me for a custom piece. She wanted to surprise Mike with a painting of a Warrior Surfer's view of 3rd Block West on Folly Beach, where Veterans and their families have gathered almost every Saturday morning for 2 years now, to surf, and heal, together.

The Warrior Surf Foundation is a non-profit founded on Folly Beach, SC by two combat Veterans, for fellow Veterans. The founders and volunteers teach Veterans and their families how to surf, and how ocean therapy combined with the camaraderie of surf culture can save lives. As the fiancee of one of the founders, I have witnessed firsthand the effects of this remarkable concept in action. This holistic approach is real, and it's highly effective.

I'm running a limited edition of prints, 8x10" matted & 16x20". 25% of these sales will be going directly to the foundation.

Learn more about their upcoming Veteran surf camp sessions, upcoming Golf Tournament, awesome hoodies & tees, and much more at!

Top photo cred: Melissa VC

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