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'Warrior Class'


Original 24x18" acrylic + charcoal on canvas.

Varnished, signed by Bri, ready to hang.

This piece will come framed in a neutral gray wood floater frame.


*PLEASE NOTE:  Collectors may receive an additional invoice based on shipping location/size of the work.*




This piece was originally created as one of several options for a book cover. The client chose a softer route for her heroine, and I continued adding to this warrior character.


Warrior Class emerged as a representation of the true fighting class, both internally and externally.  Those willing to do the brutally painful work, to learn, to listen, to ultimately contribute more to the whole.  

That is the true Warrior Class of the modern world.


As strong as an individual may be, the individual is weak on their own, we are a tribal species.  

I paint to remind myself.



Warrior Class

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