Original 8x10" acrylic + charcoal on birch panel.

This painting comes framed in a natural pinewood floater frame, 2" thick, ready to hang!

*If you'd prefer a silver frame, please leave me a note at checkout!  Otherwise Vincent will come framed in natural pine.

Signed, dated, varnished for protection, and comes with a certification of authenticity.


'Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague.' -Van Gogh


Why do we love him? I mean really. Because in his lifetime he created over 900 works and sold maybe just one. Are we just in love with the romance of a tragic story? Do we love a tormented soul, a guy who was born to prosper in his merchant family, but couldn’t fit anywhere in life except on his own, painting pictures that everyone told him were amateurish and that he was not talented.  Forever searching for peace and for love, like basically every person ever.
Abuse of substance, some violence, he genuinely feared himself, admitted himself to an asylum in southern France.
I’ve read one theory, that people go crazy for him because he intentionally painted physics and moving matter, but I don’t know if I buy that. I don’t think he intended it in the ‘science’ way we think he did. I do think he was in touch with something about nature that most of us can’t typically see.
Im personally drawn to his thick oil paint and shameless texture, what he was able to do with a limited stipend and limited palette, on foot, every damn day. Rain or shine. He walked for miles and painted on-site, in the elements, en plein air, despite the fact that people hated his work. It didn’t stop him because he didn’t know what else he could do, this was it.  So he painted. The endurance to execution, he most definitely had it.
A lot of the time he didn’t eat, because his brother’s monthly allowance ran out, but also because he thought his mind sharper when his body kicked into survival/starvation mode. There’s truth to this I think. 
A huge weirdo this guy. His side eye would have probably scared me if I saw him out at a dive bar.
But here’s my palette knife sketch of one of his 25+ self portraits, on top of a previous thick painting I rejected. Felt fitting for Vincent.
Irving Stone ‘s biography of him is the best: Lust for Life. Highly recommend it.


*This painting ships from Bri's Charleston studio in 5-10 days, we have to be sure all those lovely paint layers are dry.


*International collectors may receive an additional invoice based on location/size of the work.

exaggerate the essential, 8x10"