I walk down 7th block each day, sometimes multiple times a day, to see the ocean, see what the tide is doing, see if there's sand to run on.  It's my daily supplement, my ritual, my antidote.  I've been looking at the ocean, but when I take the time to look back and see the lush foliage that grows here to protect and hold the island together, I feel transported to another place altogether.  

It's completely wild, and it never gets old.  I still can't fully grasp that I've lived here for 5 years.


Original 20x30" acrylic on canvas.


This painting comes framed in rugged reclaimed Folly Pier wood.  Framed dimensions are roughly 24x34x1.5"


Signed, dated, + varnished for protection.


*Ships or hand delivers from Bri's Charleston studio in 5-10 days, we have to be sure all those lovely paint layers are dry.




Thriving on 7th, 24x34"