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13x16" Embossed Paper, Numbered, Signed, Archival, $85  

(includes 1 inch white border - image size 11x14")


  • each print signed, numbered, embossed, rolled flat to ship, unframed
  • printed + shipped within 2-3 weeks in a rigid mailing tube for greatest protection
  • shipping in the US is included


All copyrights are retained by the artist and no reproduction is permitted without the express permission of the artist.


International collectors may receive an additional invoice based on location/size of the work.


Thank you for supporting independent artists.



thoughts behind the solstice series:


in response to what I can imagine was a very harsh time in the Northern Hemisphere, our ancestors developed a way to celebrate, to light up the night, to come together and feast long after the last big harvest, to feel a little warmer, and a little less alone.


the Solstice is about celebrating cycles. it's less about a linear path forward, the next thing on our to-do list. it's a real pause. because the earth has paused, and forced us to coexist alongside the night a little longer than we might be comfortable with. and it reminds us every single time: that we will survive it. we realize we can rest into the night, the unknown, our own shadows, the darkness, as long as there's a tiny flame and some kindling. there's a reason we can gaze into a fire for way too long and feel safer for it.  I like to call it: cavewoman tv.





Solstice XII

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