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original 8x10" acrylic on cradled wood panel.

this piece is available with or without a clean silver floater frame

*add the silver frame item to your cart if you'd like it to come framed*

varnished, signed by Bri, ready to hang.

includes a Certificate of Authenticity, and a small writing by Bri


*PLEASE NOTE:  Collectors may receive an additional invoice based on shipping location/size of the work.*


thoughts behind the Solstice Studies:


December 21st marks the shortest hours of daylight in the year, and the longest night.

in response to what I can imagine was a very harsh time for our ancestors in the Northern Hemisphere, they developed a way to celebrate, to light up the night, to come together and feast long after the last big harvest, to feel a little warmer, and a little less alone.


the Solstice is about celebrating cycles. 

it’s less about a linear path forward, marching into the New Year,  the ‘new us’, and the next thing on our to-do list.


it’s a real pause.  because the earth has paused, and forced us to coexist alongside the night a little longer than we might be comfortable with.

and it reminds us every single time:

that we will survive it.


we realize can rest into the night, the unknown, our own shadows, the darkness, as long as there’s a tiny flame and some kindling.


there’s a reason we can gaze into a fire for way too long and feel safer for it.

I like to call it: cavewoman tv.

solstice IX

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