Those who live on Folly know what it means to stand under the pier.  The rest of your surroundings melt away, along with the rest of your thoughts.  You're pulled in like a magnet, staring down the long tunnel ahead, feeling warm powerful wind, smelling salt, watching the pools swirl.

Anything that may be waiting for you on the other side will have to wait, because under here, you have unconditional shelter from the storm. All you have to do is breathe.


Original 20x30" acrylic on canvas.


This painting comes framed in rugged reclaimed Folly Pier wood.  Framed dimensions are roughly 24x34x1.5"


Signed, dated, + varnished for protection.


*Ships or hand delivers from Bri's Charleston studio in 5-10 days, we have to be sure all those lovely paint layers are dry.




Shelter from the Storm, 24x34"