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Original 60x40" acrylic + charcoal on canvas.

Varnished, signed by Bri, ready to hang, unframed.

*payment plans are available upon request*

*PLEASE NOTE:  Collectors may receive an additional invoice based on shipping location/size of the work.*




repeating patterns + hoping things will turn out differently.

they used to lock insanity away, call it hysteria, set it on fire.


so we consume the flames. 

again and again.  moments large and small.


mostly unseen.

like thread weavings in the fabric, holding it all together.


we think we know rage, we’ve seen it portrayed

the shape, the color, the sound.  the script prewritten 


a prop to hold

a distraction, an attempt to redirect

an inconvenience.


but hysteria is without competence, it won’t stand.



this rage


is quiet.  it’s tactful.


it’s complex, expansive, uncharted


this rage is malignant

accumulates as heat 

like mercury stored in visceral matter.


and all matter has a flashpoint.





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