Original 8x10" acrylic + charcoal on birch panel.

This painting comes framed in a modern gold floater frame, 1.5" thick, ready to hang!

Signed, dated, varnished for protection, and comes with a certification of authenticity.


This collection is a group of small framed paintings, or studies, where some of my most important language is developed.  I often utilize smaller pieces to work out temperature, contrast, emotion before I move onto larger paintings.  They are a crucial step in my process, and typically the most raw.  To me they are process, moments caught in a tangible form.

I work to accentuate whatever it was that drew me to the subject to begin with, to convey a feeling or memory through the language of cool and warm, coarse and smooth.

By purchasing one of these pieces, you are receiving a tangible piece of my process, arguably the most sacred part of creating, deliberate chaos and controlled accidents.


*This painting ships from Bri's Charleston studio in 5-10 days, we have to be sure all those lovely paint layers are dry.


*International collectors may receive an additional invoice based on location/size of the work.

upkeep, 8x10"