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The sensory series is an excavation of self, emotional awareness, and an expression of heightened sensitivity in the world around us.
I have more work to do here, and I can think of no better way to continue this exploration than to connect with others and take on a limited number of figurative commissions in this similar style/vein.

If this series resonates with you in any way, I'd love to create a piece that speaks from you personally, using your body language/form.

once you submit your request, you will receive a brief email to guide you through the next steps:


  • narrow down your concept 

  • payment plan options

  • which reference photos to send over / how to easily capture them

*custom larger sizing + payment plans are available*

  • 30x40" canvas ~ $4800

  • 36x48" canvas ~ $6000

  • 40x60" canvas ~ $8800

commission request

Thank you!

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