commissions + f.a.q.

Does Bri have any available originals?

Yes! You may view all available originals here.

Can I commission Bri for a painting?

Yes! Bri is currently taking commissions, with a wait of about 6 months.  
The minimum size for a commissioned painting is 18x24”. 

Custom dimensions are welcome, as canvases can be built/ordered for any specific size. 




18x24" ~ $1600

24x30" ~ $2600

30x40" ~ $4000

36x48" ~ $5500

How can I begin the commission process?

Please contact with the following information:


  • estimated dimensions (minimum of 18x24”)

  • your rough idea for a commission, as detailed as you can!

  • list 2-3 favorite paintings by Bri to be used as potential direction/inspiration

  • include any images or reference photos if it’s a more personal subject matter you’re interested in

Bri does not accept all subjects or palettes, but is very happy to hear what you have in mind.
Based on these details, we will get back to you promptly with a quote and estimated timeline.


How does payment work?

After this initial conversation, a 50% deposit is needed to be added to the waitlist, and to begin the design process. 
The full deposit is refundable at any time. To protect both the collector and the artist, the commission can be canceled prior to, during, or after the painting is finished either by Bri or the collector.  This allows Bri the freedom to create based on your preferences or guidelines, but not sacrifice the surprises inherent to her creative process.   Art is very personal and subjective for both the collector(s) and the artist, and in the event that a commissioned artwork is not claimed it will be released to the open market and/or the galleries.  Since the deposit is 100% refundable, Bri has the freedom to run with the suggestion and make it her own.

The collector will receive images via email of the work-in-progress at around 75% completion, and will be encouraged to add their thoughts and input at this time.  Final payment is due upon completion of the work. Shipping will be billed separately, upon the collector’s receipt of the painting.

How long does a large painting take?

It takes Bri a few days to plan and sketch out the piece, and several weeks to complete.  An additional week is necessary to allow all the acrylic layers to dry fully, in preparation for final varnish.  

Are prints available?

Yes!  Archival prints of select works are available.  You may view archival prints here.

Thank you for supporting living artists!