Exxpedition Round the World

***UPDATE** The April 2020 voyage has been postponed to April 2021 so that we can sail safely in seasonal conditions. BUT IT'S STILL ON!!!*** EXXPEDITION is a series of all women's voyages to make the unseen seen, from the toxics in our bodies to the plastics in our seas. *There is an incredible documentary you can watch at the bottom of the homepage at Exxpedition.com I came across this unbelievable project, Exxpedition Round the World, on a travel blog, completely out of the blue one day, in which all-female crews of scientists, artists, teachers, etc would be sailing around the world, conducting plastic research and coming up with innovative solutions to tackle the daunting issue. Yes,

Art Reveal Mag Interview

To purchase the printed issue of Art Reveal Magazine click here. Who or what has a lasting influence on your art practice? Writing, running, music, conversation, relationships with other artists, I try to consume as much as I can when I’m not painting. All of this keeps me motivated and stimulated to continue creating. Reading is the main one. I try to treat it like it’s part of my job to read every day. I’m able to solve problems, overcome blocks, and find inspiration, whether it’s Bird by Bird, on the creative writing process, Born to Run, about the ancient culture of runners in Mexico, or The Invention of Nature, about the early environmental scientist Alexander Humboldt. Something

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