Things They Carry

A LIVE BODY PAINT ART INSTALLATION Grand Bohemian Charleston ~ Spoleto Festival USA 2018 by BRIAHNA WENKE and SAMANTHA RUETER A live performance piece, rendering the universal human condition of endurance and resilience. ARTISTS' STATEMENT photo by Sam Bufalo We all have stories. Layers. That have been slathered on us since birth. Circumstances that are written for us without our permission. Compassion or neglect, confidence or doubt, beauty or horror - all of it. A physical manifestation of our experiences, we stash it away in our bodies and carry on. If you’re optimistic and willing, it might one day turn out to be something you can look at without having your stomach turn. And eventually,

Beneath the Surface, an interview with MiND Mag

Martina Ronchetti, editor from the Italian publication MiND Mag, reached out to me, and put together a thoughtful article regarding my recent series, Human Blueprints. Read the full interview here.

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