Briahna Wenke is a painter based in Charleston, SC.  She creates expressive and evocative work through bold and sculptural paint application.

Raised on the Connecticut coastline, Bri began painting murals for local businesses by age 16, although she's been filling sketchbooks since her earliest memories.  After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in history, she spent her early twenties painting commissioned murals, landscaping, and embarking on travels to Australia, Europe, Asia, North Africa, and Central America.

A developing fascination with the antiquity and complexity of the human story began to take shape, and in 2014 she moved from Manhattan to Charleston to pursue life as a full time painter.
  Her work is collected internationally, has been featured in various printed publications, most recently Into The Void + Art Reveal Magazine, and is currently exhibiting at the Grand Bohemian Gallery in Charleston.



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